Some comments . . .

"Caroline’s enthusiasm shines through in everything she does, whether it is in her writing or in person. This enthusiasm is infectious: guided tours, talks and presentations come alive through her sheer enjoyment of the subject and desire to share this with others. It permeates her writing too, which has an immediate and engaging quality that is perfect for newsletters, leaflets and websites. In her role as a Community & Education Officer for the Scottish Redundant Churches Trust’s Cromarty East Church project, Caroline is achieving more than had ever been anticipated – largely thanks to her innovative ideas, people skills, and willingness to go the extra mile. What a find!"

Victoria Collison-Owen, Director of the  Scottish Redundant Churches Trust


 "I have worked with Caroline on a number of projects including in her role at information co-ordinator of the HILFN, e-zine creator for the H&I F&D Forum and the development of my own website. In each case it has been a very easy working relationship; the scantest of information has been creatively turned into something highly readable and informative meaning I’ve had the time to get on with other work. I’d highly recommend her services to other busy small businesses as it really is an efficient and cost-effective way of getting things (that you never find the time for) done."                                                                                  Hazel Gordon, FINDS (Food Industry North Development Services)


"I worked with Caroline on the Highlands & Islands Local Food Network project, Gates Open, in 2007.  I found her to be extremely efficient and conscientious and usually one step ahead of me!  She has excellent computer skills and handled all the web material and design, as well as writing, editing, creating and sending out the monthly e-zine.  Caroline gets on with everyone and her relaxed, but professional, demeanour makes her a pleasure to work with."                                                       Georgia Macleod, Project Office for Highland Farm 'Gates Open' days 


"Caroline did brilliant work as temporary Content Manager on the Rural Gateway, sourcing stories, writing them up in our house style and effortlessly getting to grips with our content management system. She's highly skilled, very knowledgeable - and great fun to work with."

Norman MacAskill, former SCVO Rural Policy Manager


“Caroline has done a lot of skilful and demanding work for the Trust over the years and she always gives excellent value – very able and conscientious, hard-working and thorough, and always patient and nice to work with.  I can wholeheartedly recommend her.” 

Di Alexander, The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust Secretary and Development Manager, retired


"Caroline played a key role as a project officer in developing approaches within this innovative project. She is skilled in working with community groups, and instinctively understands the complexities of partnership working. She also has excellent breadth, with genuine understanding of environmental, community and equality issues for example. Caroline's work is always timely and of the highest quality, and marked by good planning and organisation. Her comprehensive knowledge of community organisations, particularly in the Highlands was also of immense value in helping the Pilot become one of only two in Scotland to deliver its objectives successfully."
 Highland Community Planning and Resources Project (Community Budgeting) was a pilot project to explore the how community planning and community priorities might influence decision-making and expenditure at the local level.                         Andy Dorin, former Project Manager

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