by Caroline Vawdrey - 22:35 on 01 August 2020
by Caroline Vawdrey - 20:54 on 02 April 2020
by Caroline Vawdrey - 19:41 on 30 January 2019
My Highland House of Memories app
by Caroline Vawdrey - 19:19 on 24 August 2018
I very much enjoyed the chance to work with designer and photographer Iain Sarjeant again, when he asked me to research and write this panel for Raining's Stairs in Inverness.
by Caroline Vawdrey - 20:10 on 24 August 2017
And the answer - as far as we can tell - is a well, dating from the 1200s, and unnusual in having steps down the well itself. After the community excavation had finished it was decided to leave the well open, to give people a flavour of some of the evidence we'd uncovered. I was asked by the Cromarty Medieval Community Archaeology Project to write and design a board to go with the well, and to share some of the findings of the dig.
by Caroline Vawdrey - 21:06 on 05 June 2017
by Caroline Vawdrey - 13:04 on 23 September 2016
The award of a Royal Society ‘Local Heroes’ grant led to a joint project between Cromarty Courthouse, NTS Hugh Miller’s and Aberdeen University Lighthouse Field Station, for which I researched, wrote and designed the exhibition 'Miller and Romanes : two local heroes'.
by Caroline Vawdrey - 15:08 on 26 August 2016
by Caroline Vawdrey - 20:38 on 09 November 2015
Uncovering Medieval Cromarty : A new exhibition for Cromarty Courthouse Museum
by Caroline Vawdrey - 14:06 on 19 October 2015
Keeping busy in Autumn 2015
by Caroline Vawdrey - 18:57 on 27 April 2015
by Caroline Vawdrey - 21:44 on 21 November 2014
Port of Cromarty Firth, The first forty years - A new book from the Vawdrey, Alston, Sarjeant team
by Caroline Vawdrey - 15:51 on 17 September 2013
by Caroline Vawdrey - 15:26 on 25 July 2013
by Caroline Vawdrey - 10:45 on 07 April 2013
The Nigg Pictish cross-slab, dating from the late 700s AD is of European significance, and a masterwork of design and skill. This weekend saw its unveiling after many months of conservation work. David Alston and I were privileged to be involved in the project as writers of the interpretive text.
by Caroline Vawdrey - 12:11 on 16 January 2013
Volunteers do so much to make our communities great places to live
by Caroline Vawdrey - 11:55 on 16 January 2013
Looking back on some writing and outreach in 2010 - 2012
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